Colony Blaster Sprocket

Colony Blaster Sprocket

Are you one of those freaks who can break your sprocket just by sheer power?
We aren't either but we have been know to case that extra big air we Blasted that one time... Luckily Chris James can Blast away much higher than us, and keep riding no matter the result with his signature sprocket.

  • Chris James Signature BMX Sprocket.

  • Extensive 3D CNC machined details from 7075T6 alloy.

  • Available in 25T & 28T sizes.

  • The Blaster sprocket is available in Black, Red, Polished, Pink & Rainbow.

  • *Makes any rider blast 10+ feet airs like Chris James.

  • Weight 25t 83g (2.92oz), 28t 98g (3.45oz).

*May not actually be 10+ feet airs but they sure feel like it.