Spectre Brand Titanium Spoke

Spectre Brand Titanium Spoke

Spectre Brand Titanium spokes are made from high-quality Grade 5 6Al4V Titanium.

Available in the Super Dark Black Finish, Raw Titanium, the ever popular Oil-Slick/Jet Fuel or the new Sunset Finish, you can create the ultimate custom wheelset with these.

Titanium spokes are around 40% lighter than traditional stainless steel spokes. That's about 150grams off the rotational weight of your wheels.

  • Custom cut to order in lengths between 80mm to 300mm with 10mm threads, please specify length when ordering.
  • Sold Individually (Each) Buy as many as you need.
  • Nitride coated for extra strength.
  • 14g (2.0mm)


Please Specify Quantity and Size when ordering "Other" so we know what you need.
E.g. 36x 194mm, 36x 198mm

Please Ensure the totals add up with your order quantity;
E.g. 36+36=72
E.g. 18+18+36 = 72

If you have any queries please feel free to call and discuss your order with a Team Member at any time.