Hard Luck MFG Co

Hard Luck Bearings Great Times Ceramics

Set of 8 high quality ceramic bearings from Hard Luck. 
Black Ceramic balls accelerate faster and provide less friction.

Hard Luck Great Times Ceramic Six Ball All Weather Skate Bearings are new from Jason Jessee's Hard Luck. These all weather stainless steel racers combined with full ceramic balls mean not only are they super fast and durable, but also super long lasting and you can wash them out with a hose. The ceramic balls will not expand when they heat up as you hit Mach speed. The ceramic material is so strong it will crush particles like sand and dirt that enter your bearing. The ceramic balls are a pre-oxidised material, so they can not rust or change shape. The high quality stainless steel upper and lower race are extremely resistant to rust and are very smooth and long lasting. Finally, this is a six ball design. This means there is less rolling resistance and they disperse heat much better, making the 6 ball design ultra fast! These stainless steel ceramic six ball bearings are super long lasting and ultra fast, for skaters looking for the best quality and speed on the market. Ceramic balls are lighter and help the bearing self heal when debris gets into the races.