Envy Colt S5 Complete Scooter - Black

Introducing the next generation Envy COLT Series Five complete scooter. Building upon the success of previous models, this complete scooter boasts a selection of top-line parts from Envy's acclaimed Prodigy range, all bundled together at an unbeatable price.

Designed for beginner to intermediate riders looking to take their skills to the next level, the Colt S5 Scooter features sleek Chromoly bars straight from the Prodigy Series 7, ultra-soft TPR hand grips, and a durable 6061 Aluminium deck with an integrated head tube and fully sealed headset. 

Upgraded with P2 forks from the Prodigy Series 8, this scooter is ready to handle even the most challenging tricks. And with its smooth 110mm 6063 Diamond wheels, fitted with a high-grade Polyurethane and performance bonding, you can ride with confidence and style. Complete with a 2-bolt 6061 Aluminium clamp and our signature nylon brake system, the COLT Series Five is a must-have for any serious rider.

Envy Colt S5 Scooter Specs:

  • Deck: 495mm/19.5 Long
    120mm/4.7" Wide
    82.5 Head Tube Angle
    Front and Rear Nylon Inserts
  • Clamp:2 Bolt 6061 Standard Alu Clamp - 6MM Bolts
  • Bars:4130 Cromoly Prodigy Bars
    580mm/22.8 High
    520mm/20.5 Wide
  • Wheels:110 x 24mm 86A PU Diamond Wheels 
  • Fork:P2 Cromoly IHC Forks 30 x 125mm Compatible
  • Brake:Nylon Bolt on Brake - 5mm Brake Bolt
  • Grips:160mm Long TPR Handgrips with Nylon Bar Ends
  • Grip Tape:High Quality 2 Piece Griptape
  • Weight:3.74kgs/ 8.25 pounds
  • Foot Space:350mm/13.8
  • Overall Height:840mm/33
  • Overall Length:680mm/26.8
  • Color: Black, Oil Slick, Green, Red, Teal