Envy AOS V5 LTD Deck - Will Scott

Coming in at some of the finest signature decks in the game, these aggressive custom scooter additions are only around for a limited time!! Stacked with pro riders from around the globe with custom specifications, graphics, and colourways for each rider.
Will who once was considered a “park” rider has since developed & matured his style into more street orientated, with his skill set acquired throughout the years he spends majority of his time riding urban environments & public spaces.

His deck is covered in a “MATTE BLACK” and wrapped around the bottom is an “American Traditional Tattoo” inspired graphic - the top features white webbing & initials on the side to complete the deck.
The graphic is a reflection of his personal interests & favourite flash pieces by Andrew Topley, a fellow South Australia who Will collaborated on the deck with to present the final product.

Width: 6”/152mm
Length: 23”/584mm
Headtube 84degrees
Footspace: 16.9”/430mm
Weight: 2.1kg/4.6 pounds

Width: 4.9”/124mm
Length: 20.5”/520mm
Headtube 82.5 degrees
Footspace: 14.1”/360mm
Weight: 1.8kg/3.9 pounds