District Titus Complete - Black

District Titus Complete Scooter - Black w 110mm wheels

Founded in 2007, the District Freestyle Scooter Co. is a renowned brand that has earned a huge amount of respect within the scootering community over the years. 

From the most hardcore rider to the kid just hitting the street, District offers an exceptional freestyle riding experience.

The TITUS offers durable, stylish spoked core wheels. The peg-cut dropout is weight saving.  This complete is a park-orientated District pro scooter, featuring a slim narrow deck which is easy to get airborne and very responsive in mid-air. Recommended 8-16yo beginner to intermediate riders.


  • Steel Handlebar – 510W x 560H
  • HT Deck – 120 x 500
  • Double Clamp
  • Alloy brake
  • Steel fork with New D logo
  • 110 x 24mm wheels
  • 140mm Soft Grips