Aztek 666 Deck - Trans Black

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The biggest deck ever made for maximum control and stability.

Lighter than you can imagine.  With a 6.66" standing width, and a bottom width of 5.7", this awesome deck is epic in terms of comfort and grind quality. It has a large curve from outer walls to the bottom surface meaning it slides so well on rougher surfaces.  You get the comfort of 6.66 inches but aren't as likely to scrape whilst turning or carving as you would with the same width on the bottom, making this a clever and unique design.

Very limited edition, from the King of Street, Jake Sorensen.


  • Size: (6.66 x 23) OR (6.66 x 24) inch 
  • Top Width: 169mm / 6.66inch
  • Bottom Width: 145mm / 5.7"
  • Wheel Compatibility: 100mm-115mm | 24mm/30mm (Taking off the break allows room for 120mm wheels)
  • Brake or Fender: Steel Flex Fender
  • HTA: 84 degree