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  1. You'll receive a "Welcome Email" to our membership program.  This will include some special members only info (including how to redeem your discounts). 
    If you were already a Member and you've upgraded or changed your membership plan, you won't get a new "Welcome Email"
  2. You'll receive regular Members Only newsletters that share some cool stories, plus Members Only events, promotions and special offers.
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All Memberships Include

Membership Terms & Conditions

Ultimate Membership

Minimum Term of Membership:  8 Weeks

Payment Period:  Weekly

Total Term of Membership:  Ongoing

Payment Charge:  18.00 p/week - charged weekly to the card used during signup

1. You may pause your payments at any time, after the first 8 weeks, at no extra charge. Minimum pause duration is 4 weeks.  

2. There is no cancellation fee, however the minimum charge for this membership is $144 over the first 8 weeks. Payments will continue after the first 8 weeks until notice is provided for pause or cancellation.

3. This membership is only valid for entry to RampFest Indoor Skate Park for the member detailed on this application. Equipment hire is not included in this membership.

4.  This Membership is valid for entry into any RampFest regular public session on our timetable - regular session conditions and exclusions still apply, and events may occur that change this timetable for everyone (members included).

5. All Memberships must have a valid credit card on file (no cash payments are taken for Memberships)

Annual Membership

Minimum Term of Membership: 1 Year

Payment Period: Annually - Upfront Payment

Total Term of Membership: Ongoing - Until cancelled

Payment Charge: $45 p/year - charged annually to the card used during signup

1. Once you have paid for your years membership, there are no refunds, credits or exchanges.

2. This membership (and it's benefits) is only valid for the person named on the membership.

3. All Memberships must have a valid credit card on file (no cash payments are taken for Memberships)







All RampFest Members must also have a valid Waiver Form on file at all times - and agree to all Rampfest Terms & Conditions - including:

  1. Waiver of Liability and Indemnity clauses
  2. Ride Safe Induction
  3. Skate Park Rules

If you have not previously done so, you can complete the Rampfest Waiver Form here: