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Scooter Coaching @ RampFest

At Rampfest, we run  regular Coaching Clinics and Programs for Skateboarding, Scooters and BMX.  We have a range of programs, that cater to multiple skill levels.  

We use our own Progression Guide for each sport to help young shredders track their progress, achieve their goals, and have more fun at the Skate Park!

Choose your sport from the options below to find out more about the specific programs available for each - or read on below to learn more about the Rampfest Coaching Method, our Progression Guide, our coaches, and some FAQ's about Skate Park Coaching.

RampFest Coaching Method

Our coaching programs focus on building good basic skills before we work on tricks.  Regardless of the sport (Skateboardings, Scooters, BMX), we believe that all young riders & skaters should master the fundamentals before they try too many tricks.  A strong foundation is critical to safe progression.  

Check out this article for an example of this methodology in action.

To support this, we’ve developed our own Progression Guides - to help young riders set goals, and achieve them.  Our progression guides for each sport are built around this principle - with the tricks and tests for each level reflecting our commitment to developing fundamental skills.

Check out this article explaining our Progression Guides in more detail.

We run quarterly “Progression Session” Events where everyone is encouraged to attempt to reach a new level.  To achieve a new ranking, there is a skills test that must be completed for our instructor.  Once passed, you get the Progression Certificate, a special sticker and wrist band .  Progression Sessions are NOT competitions with any other riders or skaters.  They are an opportunity to show your individual skills and achieve your own goals - and support other riders in doing the same.

Check out when the next Progression Session is on.