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New Landing Page - First Timers / New Visitors


At Rampfest, we live and breathe Action Sports - and our mission is to get you as stoked as we are.  We don't care if you like riding BMX or Scooters, like Skateboarding or Roller-Skating - if you're out to have fun & get RAD with good crew, you'll fit right in!  If that sounds like you, awesome - the next question is:

When Should I Visit RampFest?

At RampFest, our Timetable has several different sessions available, and lots of different programs.  To help you pick the best session or program for you, we've got this handy guide.  Read on to find out which session is going to suit you best:



You’ve never been on a Skate Park before and this is all new to you - or maybe you've been a couple of times to the local park, but are still a bit unsure of the whole thing. 

You've might have some basic "handling" skills on your scooter / skateboard / BMX.

You want to improve your basic skills and learn how to use the Skate Park safely.

Best sessions For You: 

Quick-Start Coaching Course (3x Lessons for $49.95)

Beginner Coaching Sessions ($34.95)

Junior Skate Park Sessions ($20)

Ramp Kids Session - if you're Under 10

Sessions to avoid:  Any "Flow Mode" sessions - these sessions get older, more advanced riders who go very fast around the park.  If you're a bit inexperienced, you'll be amazed by what they can do, but could very easily get yourself into a dangerous spot. 


You’ve got the basics covered and you're able to visit the skate park and have some fun.  You're not super serious, but you like learning some tricks.  You're confident enough to know when to take your turn and when to wait when riding with a group.

You want to keep having fun at the skate park, and making new friends. 

Best Sessions for You:

General Sessions - Bowl Mode

Beginner Coaching Lessons

Ramp Camp Holiday Programs

Ramp Kids Sessions (if you're under 10)


You're getting more confident in the park, and you're pretty good... but you're hungry for more.  Progression is what takes your fancy and you want to improve your skills and learn some more advanced stuff.  You want to ride with the older guys so that you can learn off them and keep pushing the limits.

Best Sessions for you:

General Sessions - Bowl Mode OR Flow Mode

Intermidate Cocahing Sessions

Expert Holiday Camps

Ramp School Programs

Sessions to avoid:  Junior Sessions, Kids Sessions 

Core Rider / Skater

This is your thing - you're a true Rider or Skater.  You know your way around the park, you're confident in taking your turn, and you enjoy hitting the big ramps, going high and going fast!  Maybe you're trying to be a Pro, maybe not - either way, you know what you're doing, and you want to use the park to its full potential.

Best Sessions for you:

General Sessions - Flow Mode or Bowl Mode

Sessions to avoid:  Junior Sessions, Kids Sessions, Holiday Camps