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Which BMX Lesson is best for you?

Whether you've just rolled up to the skate park with your BMX for the first time, or you've been riding ramps a while and want to progress your skills faster, we've put together this quick guide to help you find the best lesson at RampFest. 

Booking a BMX Lesson at RampFest is easy - just click the "See Dates & Book" Button below, choose your program, pick a date and let's roll!



Private BMX Lessons 

Private BMX lessons at RampFest are great if you're either a bit nervous about a group setting at first - or just looking for some very specific advice.

You can also book a private lesson for a small group (of up to 4 people):

  • 1x Rider - $89.95
  • 2x Riders - $104.95
  • 3x Riders - $119.95
  • 4x Riders - $134.95

Bookings essential, available at set times.

Private Lesson Bookings

Private BMX Lesson at RampFest Indoor Skate park in Melbourne

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Read more about our BMX Coaching Programs: 

1.  About the Coaching Programs at RampFest

At RampFest, we believe that building solid basic skills is more important than simply learning more tricks - and this runs through all our coaching programs.

Read More about our coaching method... 

2.  Tracking Your Development - Progression Guides

We've developed Progression Guides to help young BMX Riders (and their parents) track skill improvement and set goals for what to learn next.  

More Info about Progression Guides Coming Soon... 

3.  How to Level Up - Progression Sessions

We run quarterly "Progression Session" events for all our coaching participants.  This is where you get to show us your skills and move up to the next level on our Progression Guide.

More Info Coming Soon...