Spectre 7075 Alloy Nipples

Spectre 7075 Alloy Nipples

  • High-quality T6 7075 Aluminium nipples
  • Suits 14g (2.0mm) spokes
  • 14mm long
  • Suits 3.2mm spoke key

Sold in a Pack of 75

Why did they make this?
T6 7075 aluminium is one of the lightest and stiffest materials available making these the perfect compliment for the Spectre Titanium spokes.
Most nipples are generally either 12mm or 16mm long. In some cases, 12mm long nipples are too short to extend far enough through the rim wall, while 16mm long nipples can protrude too far. The Happy Medium.

One pack will be enough nipples for 2 x 36 spoke (or less) wheels.